The Cleveland Grotto's members are active cavers, and regularly take trips -- both with club members and with other grottos -- to explore caves in the region.  While Ohio has relatively few caves, the surrounding states of Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia make up one of the most highly concentrated regions of caves in the world.

The Meeting Place - Map It!

***We miss everyone!  As of August we’re back to in person meetings at our usual haunt (Busch Funeral Home)***

NOTICE: The days of the Grotto meeting at the North Royalton Library are past. Cleveland Grotto has a new meeting date and place...still centrally located and not far from the old location. We now meet at 7:15 pm on the THIRD TUESDAY of each month at the BUSCH FUNERAL HOME. It is located at 7501 Ridge Road, Parma. That's just South of the crossroads of Ridge and Pleasant Valley. The meeting is in their public meeting room (not in the funeral parlor). The after meeting will be at The Inn Between Bar & Grill located at 8684 Ridge Road.  It's just over a mile south of the funeral home.

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If you would like to join the Grotto come to one of our meetings and bring this Membership Form.pdf

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