Science Fund

Science Fund Grants

Each year, the Cleveland Grotto makes available several small grants (generally under US $1000) for cave-related science projects. The grants are made from the Cleveland Grotto Science Fund, which was generously endowed by Bob & Bev Danielson.


Science Fund grants are available to individuals and groups to support valid cave research, cave survey projects and cave-related science efforts. To apply for a grant, read the Grant Policy and Process PDF, then download and fill out the Science Fund Application PDF. Email completed applications to the chair, or postal mail to:

The Cleveland Grotto Science Fund
6960 Hilton Rd
Brecksville, OH 44141

Applications are due by December 31st; approved grants are issued early the following year.

Past Grants

Projects that previous grants have helped fund include:

  • A survey of caves on Green Island in Lake Erie
  • Hydrology studies in Alaska and West Virginia
  • A water trace investigation at Timpanogos Cave National Monument
  • A study of atmospheric oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in caves in Indiana and Kentucky
  • Analysis of speleothems for climatic studies in Yucatan Mexico
  • Publication of the description of a new species of endemic, obligate aquatic isopod found in an Ohio cave


Previous grantees have published results in:

  • Journal of Cave and Karst Studies
  • NSS News
  • Journal of Glaciology
  • Cleve-O-Grotto News
  • The Indiana Cave Survey Notebook

Other Cave Related Grant Resources

Some other organizations that provide funding for cave research: